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We have several fruitful on-going collaborations and also recent ones that will be developed in the next few years!
We are always happy to discuss new opportunities - Only science matters!

- Prof. Richard A. Andersen (UC Berleley): Divalent lanthanides spectroscopy and NMR spectroscopy (7 publications)
Prof Andersen, a great mentor and dear friend, past away on June 16th of 2019. After two years of post-doc and 8 years of collaboration with him, we have many projects still going on... Science is strongest, these projects will be continuing in his honor.

- Prof. John Arnold (UC Berkeley): Spectroscopy of low-valent niobium complexes (3 publications)
- Prof. Moreno Lelli (Florence, Italy): NMR spectroscopy
- Prof. Corinna Hess (Technische Universität München): Heterometallic complexes with Ni and Co, LanAsCat
- Prof. Henry S. (Pete) Lapierre (Georgia Tech, Atlanta): Original complexes of lanthanides and uranium
- Prof. Christophe Copéret: Ethylene polymerisation with supported organolanthanides
- Prof. Laurent Maron (INSA Toulouse, France): Theory on divalent lanthanides reactivity (ANR RedivaLan, 9 publications)
- Dr. Olivier Maury (ENS Lyon, France): Luminescence studies (ANR RedivaLan, 2 publication)
- Dr. Boris Le Guennic (Rennes, France): Theory on the electronic structure of divalent lanthanides (ANR RelaxMax, 2 publication)
- Prof. Olivier Cador (Rennes, France): Magnetism of organolanthanides complexes (ANR RelaxMax, 2 publication)
- Dr. Florian Jaroschick (Montpellier, France): Synthesis of original organolanthanides complexes (submitted ANR Bulkyplex, 1 publication)
- Dr. Nicolas Mézailles (Toulouse, France): Magnetism and EPR studies of transition metal complexes (1 publication)
- Dr. Carole Duboc (Grenoble, France): ERP studies of divalent lanthanides complexes (1 publication)
- Dr. Carine Clavaguéra (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France):
Theory on the electronic structure of divalent lanthanides (3 shared PhD students, 10 publications, ANR RedivaLan)

- Dr. Grégory Danoun (Ecole polytechnique, France)
Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of original bimetallic complexesRadical reactivity of divalent lanthanides (Submitted CROCOBIO ANR Project)

- Dr. Audrey Auffrant (Ecole polytechnique, France):
Magnetism studies and EPR studies of transition metal complexes (ANR PSalenOx, 3 publications)Lanthanides complexes with P=N ligands