Organometallics for Sustainable Chemistry and Quantum Technologies

Nocton Research group

Grégory Nocton - personal website

The Nocton research group is part of the Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire at Ecole polytechnique (IP Paris) and CNRS. We are interested in the design of original organometallics for the deep study of the electron transfer processes occurring in these molecules for sustainable chemistry (CO, CO2 and methane efficient transformation) and quantum technologies (quantum bits, Single-Molecules Magnets).

We work with many different metals in unusual oxidation states, mostly rare earth, as well as with redox non-innocent ligands and use many spectroscopic tools such as X-Ray, NMR (electron density analysis), magnetism (slow relaxation and SMM behavior), EPR, optical measurements (luminescence studies), either by ourselves or through collaborations in Europe and in the USA. Additionally, the students of the group perform their own theoretical calculations in collaboration with colleagues in Orsay, Toulouse and Rennes (France).