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Former students

Post-doc: Dr. Violaine Goudy (2016-2018), Dr. Jules Moutet (2018-2019), Dr. Thomas Simler (2019-2022), Oleh Stetsiuk (2020-2022)

PhD students: Emmanuel Nicolas (2013), Arnaud Jaoul (2017), Mathieu Xémard (2018), Ding Wang (2020), Valeriu Cemortan (2022), Maxime Tricoire (2022), Jakub Piatkowski (2021-2022)

Master students: Javier Silva Mora (2013), Anthony Cavaillé (2013), Varunesh Chandra (2016), Enzo Dalloz (2017), Sébastien Zimmer (2018), Jules Schleinitz (2018), Maxime Tricoire (2018), Junghan Son (2018), Poonam Singh (2018), Audrey Peiro (2019), Zeyu Bai (2019), Lamise Nasr (2020), Adrien Combourieu (2020), Lilian Zeinalian (2020), Nolwenn Mahieu (2021), Rafaela Bechara (2021), Marie Cattaneo (2021), Jean-Christophe Jamet (2021), Adrien Combourieu (2022).

Undergraduate students: Xavier Berrebi (2012), Léa Jacquot (2013), Maxime Tricoire (2014), Poonam Singh (2017), Marie Perrin (2017), Grégoire Thorez (2018), Thomas Naillon (2019), Carla Bognini (2019), Thomas Recouly (2022), Clara Tillous Oliva (2022).

and also Augustin Braun (2015), François Rostand (2016), Simon Karlskind (2016) Antoine Le Helloco (2016), Sijo Abraham (2017), Nahal Soltani (2017), Antoine Colin (2018), Anthony Ropp (2018), Albane Fontaine (2019), Quentin Barrusaud (2021).


Nolwenn is a 3rd year PhD student from ENS Paris-Saclay who has done research internships at MIT and UPenn with Alex Radosevich and Eric Schelter. She joined the group to work on the magnetic Sandwiches with the cyclononatetraenyl ligand. She likes bibliographic reports, administratives forms and f-elements.

Nolwenn Mahieu

Adrien Combourieu

Adrien is a 1st Year Ph.D. student working with Ce and photocatalysis with Dr. Grégory Danoun and Greg. He is tall and likes to crystallize things

Lucie Pedaussaut

Lucie is a 1st Year Ph.D. student working with Dr. Grégory Danoun and Greg on large aromatic ligands and lanthanides.